Where Entrance Flooring Meets Dynamic Design Aesthetic


The Floormationsâ„¢ standard pattern collection was carefully curated to offer you a wide variety of visual options to meet the performance and aesthetic needs of your design. That, coupled with the ability to mix and match insert colorways (in carpet and rubber flooring), allows you to add your own personality […]

Privileged to Partner with ESA on The Next Door!

the next door

The Next Door is a non-profit organization that serves women in crisis. With the help of Earl Swensson Associates, they’ve built a replacement facility in Nashville, expanding from 40 to 80 rooms, to assist with recovery support and transitional living. Hillyer Sales coordinated with Construction Specialties Acrovyn and the installer […]

New CS Flush Metal Floor Cover Available


Standard model sizes are available from 1″ to 8″. The SJPFR is a great model for interior or exterior application requiring 100% joint width movement. The â…›” recess allows finishes to be applied within the system for additional concealment. For performance data, details, specifications, tech sheets and installation instructions, visit: http://www.c-sgroup.com/expansion-joint-covers/floor-covers/sjpfr_sjpfrw or […]

New Acrovyn Frame System


The industry’s most durable door now has equally durable frames to match. When we developed the Acrovyn® Door, it changed the industry. Finally there was a door that could stand up to the abuse in commercial facilities. It didn’t take long before customers started to ask, “What about the frames? They […]

Are you ready to take the first step?


Take the first step to a lasting impression. Introducing Floormations — entrance flooring like you’ve never seen it before! Finally, a solution with the high-end look and design options you want that fits more project budgets than you’d imagine! Created with designers for designers, Floormations breaks the mold. ♦ Eight-pattern standard collection ♦ Flexibility […]

Is Resilience the New Sustainability?


Nature, time and changing weather patterns can do an incredible amount of damage to buildings. On a smaller scale, occupants can degrade a building’s interior over time through day-to-day operations.  Resilient design, key to the planning and maintenance of today’s structures, can minimize the effects that nature and people have […]