Remodeling with NanaWall

NanaWall Remodel

A NanaWall operable glass wall is the perfect addition and architectural piece to add to any residence, whether it be a large new construction project or smaller remodel. Take a pre-existing wall, series of windows, or patio doors, and replace with an opening that can be custom fit with a folding or sliding glass wall system. Completely transform a boring lifeless space into a living and breathing environment by bringing the outdoors in.

“The re-purposed opening becomes the focal point of the room in addition to having the positive effects of increased natural daylighting, fresh air ventilation and an expanded sense of space. Of course, the NanaWall system seamlessly integrates the indoor with the outdoor landscape and views.”

As an end user, architect, builder, or contractor, you need to know a few simple details regarding your remodel, and that is the rough opening dimensions and overall design goals. From there, our office will be able to assist you with finding the correct product and configuration to meet your needs. 

Successful Remodel Case Studies Featuring NanaWall

NanaWall Remodel Photo Gallery

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